Perinatal Psychiatry

Dr Anjali Sainani

Dr Anjali Sainani, Perinatal Psychiatrist MBBS, FRANZCP

Dr. Sainani, a consultant psychiatrist, specialises in perinatal psychiatry, focusing on mental health issues related to pregnancy, childbirth, and the first year postpartum. She offers support to women and couples facing fertility challenges, antenatal and postnatal psychiatric disorders, as well as grief following obstetric losses.

For women with a history of psychiatric illness or concerns about medication use during pregnancy or breastfeeding, Dr. Sainani provides preconception advice and ongoing support throughout pregnancy and the postpartum period. This may involve managing pre-existing mental health conditions, addressing medication concerns, infertility issues, adjusting to pregnancy and parenthood, coping with pregnancy loss or grief, and managing postpartum mental health disorders like depression or psychosis.

Additionally, Dr. Sainani is an approved facilitator for the Circle of Security program, which focuses on enhancing attachment between parents/guardians and children.

Collaborating closely with allied health professionals, obstetricians, and shared care GPs, Dr. Sainani ensures comprehensive management of mental health during these vulnerable periods. She does not admit patients to hospitals or provide after-hours services, but her practice emphasizes professionalism, effective communication, and quality healthcare. Dr. Sainani’s treatment philosophy emphasizes a holistic approach, integrating pharmacological, psychological, social, and cultural treatment options.

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