Adult ADHD

One in twenty Australians are diagnosed with ADHD. For many, gaining an ADHD diagnosis answers many questions they’ve had throughout their life. If you live with ADHD, however, you may find that your ADHD symptoms can have a significant impact on your day-to-day life.

If you were diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, you may be struggling to find support to help manage your symptoms beyond treatment through medication. ADHD medications can help treat the symptoms of ADHD to a point, but our holistic psychology-based programs take an all-encompassing approach that delivers better long-term success

Whether you were diagnosed with ADHD as a child, or received an Adult ADHD diagnosis after years of questioning, Omega Wellness Centre provides tailored solutions to help you manage ADHD.

We help you take meaningful steps towards managing the symptoms of ADHD through a combination of group psychoeducation programs and targeted coaching. These programs provide you with the support, resources, and guidance to help you to recognise and adopt strategies that better manage your ADHD symptoms.

Through improving your sleep, diet, exercise, and overall symptoms while providing you with the support of our team of allied health professionals and fellow participants, you will gain the tools you need to take charge of your life and manage the challenges of ADHD.


An ADHD coach is a trained professional who specializes in working with individuals who have attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). They provide support, guidance, and strategies to help individuals with ADHD better manage their symptoms and improve their overall functioning.

An ADHD coach helps individuals with ADHD by providing personalized support and coaching to address the challenges associated with ADHD. They assist in setting goals, developing strategies for time management, organization, planning, and prioritization. They also offer accountability, motivation, and help in developing coping skills and self-regulation techniques.

ADHD coaching focuses on practical strategies, skill-building, and goal-setting, whereas therapy typically delves deeper into emotional and psychological aspects. ADHD coaching is goal-oriented and action-oriented, aiming to improve specific areas of functioning, while therapy may explore past experiences and work on broader mental health concerns.

ADHD coaching can benefit individuals of all ages who have ADHD or struggle with executive functioning skills. It is particularly helpful for those who want to improve their time management, organization, productivity, goal-setting, and overall self-management.

In an ADHD coaching session, you can expect to discuss your specific challenges, set goals, and work collaboratively with the coach to develop strategies and action plans. The coach may provide tools and resources, offer accountability, and support you in implementing new strategies to improve your daily life and functioning.

The duration of ADHD coaching can vary depending on individual needs and goals. Coaching can range from a few sessions to several months, depending on the complexity of the challenges and the progress being made. The frequency and duration of sessions are typically determined collaboratively between the client and the coach.

No, ADHD coaching is not rebatable by Medicare or private health insurance.

Where ADHD occurs alongside another condition, such as an intellectual disability, autism, learning disability or global development delay, you may be more likely to obtain NDIS funding.

Clients who receive NDIS funding for themselves or in some instances, for family members and receive funds for categories that align with the stated objectives of the coaching partnership may be able to claim for their sessions.

Please note, it is your responsibility to ensure that the services you claim under NDIS are eligible for reimbursement, covered by your funding, and claimed under the correct category. The NDIS may require a letter recommending coaching from your GP or other treating therapist. If unsure, please contact the NDIS or your NDIS community partner or coordinator for further advice and guidance as appropriate.

Yes, ADHD coaching can be conducted remotely, either through video calls, phone calls, or online platforms. Remote coaching allows for flexibility and accessibility, enabling individuals to receive support from the comfort of their own homes or locations that suit them.

When choosing an ADHD coach, it is important to consider their credentials, training, and experience working with individuals with ADHD. Look for coaches who have received specialized training in ADHD coaching and preferably hold certifications or memberships with recognized coaching organizations. It can also be helpful to schedule an initial consultation to assess their approach and determine if they are a good fit for your needs.

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